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Ella Lopez

Gameplay Designer

About me


I'm Ella. Currently studying at Futuregames in Stockholm.

I'm a gameplay designer with a huge drive pulling me toward technical design.

I've loved competitiveness within games for as long as I can remember. Finding the small things to edge out any advantage you can get over your opponent or your previous self is very satisfying!

This is a feeling I want to replicate for others. As a designer, I love to set out limits for players to try to exploit, find shortcuts or test new combinations in games I've made. This pushes my limits and I'm all for it.


As for myself, I've been having fun with the Formula 1 games, Halo 3 speedruns, WoW Mythic Raiding, and competing in CSGO and Osu!.

Becoming a better designer and seeing people compete in a game I've worked on would be an awesome feeling!

Career-wise I come from the Railway industry. Working as a Signal Technician and electrician in Stockholm for over 7 years taught me a lot about trust and communication within the team. Signal systems naturally came with unexpected problems to solve and collaborating remotely with software engineers was a given.

Outside of games, I can spend time playing guitar or planning cosplays for conventions! I love skateboarding and taking longer walks/hikes (with Pokémon GO in hand of course!).


Reach out!



+46 73 915 59 21

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