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VFX is super fascinating to me and something I have been wanting to improve on for a long time. Visuals have such a strong impact on gameplay, but it's a difficult thing to balance. Too many amazing spells and visuals can make stronger spells dull in comparison and mislead the player. This is the start of my VFX journey!


I made this trail to experiment with different color and speed over time. I wanted to give them different feelings depending on if it would flow slowly as a watery/poisonous spell, or a more fast and curse inflicting spell.


First version


Trail with a curse inflicting feeling.


Slow water trail with bubbles and poison finish.


This bullet hit animation focuses mainly on something that would interact with the scenery around. 


Electric pulsating orb made in Unity.

Boss VFX for a sideproject. The vision was to have a pulsating smoke effect with more minor elements flying around.

Spawn/death VFX for the boss. Experimented with colors and is currently not final.

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